The Rescue

Our Story

Michigan Rabbit Rescue (MRR) was founded in 1998 by a group of rabbit lovers with the goal of reducing the number of pet rabbits euthanized in shelters. MRR was one of the first rabbit rescue organizations in the state, and we are proud that we are approaching 20 years of service and still going strong.  We are an all-volunteer organization that serves all of Southeast Michigan, and we are a 501c3 nonprofit.

Our Mission

Michigan Rabbit Rescue is committed to finding good, loving, permanent homes for surrendered and abandoned domestic rabbits and to educating the public on the proper care of pet rabbits. 

Our Methods

Michigan Rabbit Rescue takes in unwanted pet rabbits from shelters and other sources. All of our rabbits are given medical care and spayed or neutered. We do not have a shelter; instead all of our rabbits are housed in private foster homes. Living in a home environment helps them with socialization and in many cases, learning to trust humans. It also allows us to get to know their personalities, so we can match them with the best home possible. We hold adoption events where people can meet the bunnies and hopefully find them a forever home. We are a no-kill organization, so any rabbit that is not adopted has a permanent home with us. 

We also work to educate the public on the care and commitment a rabbit requires, to help people make a more educated decision on whether a rabbit is the right pet for their household. Also we provide information to current bunny owners so they can provide better care for their rabbits and to resolve common rabbit issues, which often lead to them being surrendered.

What We've Achieved

  • One of the first rabbit rescues in Michigan.
  • Nearly 20 years of service to local communities.
  • Adopted out hundreds of rabbits.
  • Educated thousands of people.