Alfie: The Unexpected Prequel

We were contacted a while ago from a woman who was at a yard sale.

Someone was attempting to sell a rabbit to this woman and the woman ultimately said no.

The woman went about her business at this yard sale, looking at the odds and ends. Meanwhile, the seller snuck up to the woman’s truck, put the rabbit and the rabbit cage in the back.

The seller drove off.

It’s heartbreaking, I know. It’s no wonder rabbits are the third highest abandoned pet. Here you have a creature that is adventurous yet shy, full of love.

“We had no other choice but to take him. We were at a loss for words.”

I mean yeah… what do you say at the point? What do you DO at that point?

They took it to an exotics veterinarian who, after giving it a look, said it was in healthy condition except for one thing: the teeth were overgrown.

And overgrown teeth is something we’ve had folks come to us about before. Overgrown teeth can be filed down once a month or they can be removed entirely without much of an issue.

But she didn’t know that.

“It was a struggle. I didn't want to give him up. He was a really good rabbit.”

She had the teeth filed down, but the financial burden of it all was too much to bear ($100+ a month for the teeth alone). She had to find it a new home.

She ultimately handed it over to the Midland Humane Society.

But this story isn’t over.

Four days later, we were contacted by the Humane Society of Midland County.

“We had a Jersey Wooly surrendered to us … the level of care the rabbit needed was more than she could handle. His teeth were badly overgrown so we took him into the vet immediately. He had his teeth done and was neutered but the vet said that he has an underbite and will have to have his teeth done very regularly. We were hoping to find rescue or assistance with placement to ensure he goes into the best home.”

The rabbit’s name? Alfie.

The woman did the right thing by reaching out to the Humane Society. And the Humane Society did the right thing by asking another rescue for help. Teamwork makes the dream work.

I’m going to be honest with you. This blog post was suppose to be just about the woman in the beginning, but the dots started to connect. I had no idea starting out that the rabbit that ended up in the back of the truck was the same rabbit that we were contacted about by the Midland Humane Society.

And this is the ongoing story of Alfie.


If you or someone you know would love a kind-hearted special needs rabbit, please reach out to the Humane Society of Midland County. or 989 835-1877.