Top 4 Products For A Clean Rabbit House

Rabbits are adorable and messy. And if you have one that has free reign of the house, all bets are off! Keeping your living space clean is a daily task (but we do it ‘cause we love ‘em, right?!)

Let’s see how we can help you out!

There are a few things that we do that really help and that we recommend for all owners who are looking for a cleaner abode.

1. White Vinegar

Vinegar is not only excellent for cleaning really anything on the cheap, it’s highly recommended for rabbit owners to use when cleaning up after their rabbits.

Many chemicals are toxic to the rabbit and those that are marketed as “safe” aren’t entirely and aren’t as inexpensive as vinegar.

Simply make a solution of half water and half white vinegar and what you have is a cleaner that is both friendly on the rabbit and friendly on the surface in question!

It’s especially good for deep cleaning the bunny’s litter box!

2. Rubber Broom

Our PR director use to work at a beauty college. The amount of hair that had to be taken care of was, as you can imagine, pretty staggering. 

At first, they used regular brooms with regular straw (or similar) bristles that may have swept the hair up haphazardly, but it flung it every which way (and when it comes to animal hair, the slightest of breeze will wisp away your nice collected pile).

Once they started using a rubber broom specifically designed to take care of hair, the difference was night and day. No hassle, no stress, no broom that slowly lost bristles from constantly being tugged on (or worse, bristles that fell off during the sweeping!)

3. Lint Roller

When out of the house or on-the-go with your rabbit, lint rollers are exactly what you need. Clothes and interior car surfaces come to mind. Think surfaces that are bumpy, rigid, uneven, etc. A rubber broom is not going to get every nook and cranny (and why would you use a rubber broom on a shirt?)

4. Vacuum

No, not the one you currently have that you push and pull around. This one is a handheld vacuum that you can, like a lint roller, bring on the go.

Except the great things about handheld vacuums is that they tend to be cordless and they can be used on any surface.

They’re not inexpensive per se, but if you have the coin, we do recommend picking one up. It will save you some headache.

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