The 2 Most Important Types Of Hay For Rabbits

We know the feeling. We’ve all been there. You got yourself or your family a new rabbit, total excitement, total confusion. Especially when it comes to what they eat. 

So where to start?

Let’s talk about the most important food item. If given improperly, it could lead to the rabbit passing away. So please read on.

The best place to start with is the hay. It’s going to make up 80% of their diets and should be readily available for them in infinite quantities both inside and outside of the litter box (we’ll get to that later).

Hay is important for different reasons. The main one beingthat bunnies have digestive systems that are complex. They need to be able to eat hay throughout the day to keep their digestive tracts functioning properly on the inside and to help prevent blockages, which could lead to death.

They cannot vomit out what their bodies don’t agree with like cats or dogs so making sure that what they eat is what they’re suppose to be eating.

There are different types of hays with various nutritional make-ups and different tastes, different scents.

It’s best to give the younger/pregnant/nursing ones alfalfa hay and timothy hay to every other bunny. Bunnies who need alfalfa instead of timothy need it because they have different calcium requirements.

Alfalfa hay is higher in protein and calcium yet lower in fiber than timothy. Timothy is a great hay because of how much fiber is in it.

Alfalfa hay being high in its calcium content, when fed in conjunction with pellets that are also high in calcium could lead to dangerously high levels of calcium in the rabbit. 

Feel free to experiment and shake up the types of hay that you’re feeding your rabbit so that there’s some variation in their diets.

As far as the brand, we’ve used various providers for various types. Our Timothy and Alfalfa hay comes from Oxbow who we’ve used for over twenty years and have never had an issue with. 

We use other brands as well for other exotic types of hay so by no means do you have to stick with just Oxbow. See what works best for you.

You can purchase Oxbow hay through us on our SHOP page (which supports our rescue through funding).